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Lol Welcome back I've fixed most broken links, they are now working happy CSPSP days!

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[2016-08-25 02:16] DerkXo:

terog add more servers because me and a friend does not appear that server "test" and enter more playeri I am from Romania and I love the Games made by you and if you need to add these ideas look here: -Mode respawn normally way zombie mode gungame, aWP mode, jailbreak, Deathrun just something different and hope to succeed we appreciate what you do and much success in the future I hope you read this message and I am 14 years we have support you goodbye !!! ;)

[2012-05-20 02:55] Rai:

oops posted in wrong section.

this site sucks :D

[2012-05-20 02:53] Rai:

My bug is my is the user ReTry. Lol

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HEY ENDERHERO !!!!<3 YOU HAVE FB ENDER ?!!!?!?!?!?!?!
cspsp is dead.(R.I.P)
your site is beautiful.but see my site one time.airceltricks.xtgem.com
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